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Can Video Production Quality Matter a Little? (Please?)

Posted on 24. Mar, 2009 by Dan Dashnaw.


There’s been a fair amount of discussion about the declining importance of video production quality in recent months. As you know, technology has induced a tsunami of ‘user generated’ video content by virtually eliminating the traditional barriers of entry, making it much easier for people to shoot and post videos to the web. All of [...]

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Something to Tweet About: Social Media Posts of the Week

Posted on 06. Mar, 2009 by Dan Dashnaw.


There’s a ton of great blog content being created these days, and I’m well-aware that sifting through it all can be a bit overwhelming at times. For the sake of helping to ease the strain on your own filter, I’m now packaging up the most valuable posts that I’ve uncovered in my weekly web explorations. [...]

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