How To Hide Twitter Updates From Your FriendFeed Stream

by Dan Dashnaw in Main

It seems like there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Friendfeed since they released their Twitter friend import tool this week. As such, I’m seeing a lot of interest and related questions coming out of the Twitter community about making FriendFeed a bit more…well, friendly. If you’re looking to do the same, here’s something you may find useful.

After you perform your Twitter friend import on FriendFeed, you’ll notice that all of your friend’s Twitter status updates are visible within your FriendFeed stream. This can really get in your way if you have a lot of Twitter friends and not much else going on in your FriendFeed’s ‘home’ stream.

Anyway, if you’re like me, you may find that seeing these Twitter updates from your friends in FriendFeed can be both distracting and redundant. If you want to reduce this specific source of noise, here’s how you can remove all Twitter updates from your FriendFeed stream. (much thanks to Louis Gray):

  1. Locate a Twitter update somewhere in your FriendFeed stream. Click on the ‘hide’ link underneath the post. Hide Link Underneath Post
  2. After you click on “Hide”, you’ll see a dialog box come up saying “Entry hidden. Undo or hide other items like this one.” Click on where it says “hide other items like this one”. Hide Other Items Like This One
  3. Now a dialog box will appear.  Select “Hide everyone’s Twitter entries”, and then optionally ‘even if they have comments or likes”. Dialog Box I personally left the ‘even if they have comments or dislikes’ option unchecked, as Twitter updates with FriendFeed conversations around them are still worth seeing to me.  As always, your own preference may vary.

…and that’s it, you’re done. Now you’ll only see non-Twitter updates within your FriendFeed activity stream. Enjoy!

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