I’m an entrepreneur, web media strategist, and internet video production specialist who is heavily focused in the social media space.  I am currently the President and Co Founder of two web video production services: AgentCasts - a real estate video firm, and uVidity - a web video production platform for businesses and brands online.  I also do consulting work for companies who are looking to implement new media initiatives into their online strategies, and design custom video content for organizations looking to leverage video on the web.


I have spent the past 12 years of my career designing and marketing digital media initiatives in-line with the evolution of web technologies. I spent six years as an audio engineer and sound library production engineer for Sonic Reality before transitioning my specific attention to the video realm. I currently oversee the operations of two emerging online video production firms and consult for a number of organizations who are taking the plunge into the web’s new media channels.

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What I Can Help You With:

  • Marketing strategy design and implementation.
  • Social Media strategy design and brand optimization.
  • Social networking and community management.
  • Video content design, production, and distribution.
  • Audio engineering, sound design, and composition.
  • Product development and business development.
  • Brand identity and reputation management.